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    Welcome to our website www.psiskolkapraha.cz, which is located in the click of Prague 4 Modřany.

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    It is open every day from 7:00 - 19:00 hours.

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    's fourth visit to the school FREE!


Dog Nursery

Dog Nursery has its doors open to any boy or girl dog with the exception of fighting breeds, or otherwise conflict or aggressive individuals.

Terms of dog adoption to kindergarten:

  •      presentation of a valid vaccination certificate compulsory vaccination
  •      The dog must be healthy
  •      dog-aggressive to the environment
  •      Females only the first half of pregnancy
  •      nehárající female
  •      Dogs must be exterminated
  •      dogs with a chip or tattoo

What to bring?

  •      certificate of Vaccination
  •      Collar + Leash
  •      toy
  •      Dog granule (every dog ​​tastes something else)

Open hours

Monday to Friday: 7:00 - 19:00

Dog Nursery

It offers full day care for your dog. Bring your dog per day to us, for us to meet new friends in the paddock to paddock and will return home satisfied.

Dog hotel

It offers both short and long term accommodation with quality care. Whether you leave the dog with us for one night or two weeks for us to get bored. The whole day will be a smaller pack with other friends.


Book your place for your pet and take advantage of our services, doggie daycare or hotel over the internet. Book is very easy just fill out the form and we will contact you.

Welcome to Tessinka!

Dog Kennels at tessinka's Nursery and hotel for your four-legged friends. Based on our experience, we decided to create a place where dogs will enjoy and gentlemen will be satisfied. The place where we will take the dog on the day and you are sure it is in good hands. The place where the dogs will be happy to return.